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METHOD OF CONCENTRATING OIL SHALES No Drawing} To all whom it ma cmwem: Data provided by IFI CLAIMS Patent Services

Electromagnetic stimulation makes it possible to deduce glucose concentration through the Faraday rotation Motion detection system and method US patent No

We Are the leaders In the field of rapid sample collection and concentration, providing the criticalmacro to micro interface between real world samples and the input volumes of modern analysis methods

EPA Patents Available for Licensing: Vehicles and Fuel Emissions The links below will take you to the relevant page in the U S Patent and Methods for Safe

To satisfy the written description requirement, a patent written support for claims drawn to a method methods While there was a description

Method of concentrating and deodorizing ruminant waste Number of patents in Portfolio can not be more than 2000 United States of America Patent

Just over five years ago, the Supreme Court began reshaping the concept of patent eligible subject matter in the life sciences with its decision in Mayo v Prometheus

Disclosed are methods and kits for the detection of Cryptosporidium oocysts and Giardia cysts Such methods include the concentration of a water sample to form a retentate followed by resolution the r

The next series of patents Edison received was mainly circuits and methods as well as patents for the ore for Concentrating Ores; U S Patent

As still another example of the freeze concentration method, the Patent Document 3 describes that the reduction of the quality of the concentrated liquid such as the

French Patent 2 052 121, This method is based on a milk concentration step by evaporation in vacuo, and on the baking of the resulting milk concentrate

3 days agoThe conventional treatment method for vitamin B 12 deficiency in many The concentration of MMA was significant higher There were no patents relevant

Manual of Patent Examining Procedure to a method for inhibiting corrosion on 40;C and 80;C and an acid concentration between 25 and 70 was held to be

METHOD OF CONCENTRATING ISOTOPIC CARBON Inventors: Calvin, M ; Weigl, J W Issue Date: 1952 07 01 OSTI Identifier: 4398802 Patent Numbers: US 2602047

A compositions and methods U S Patent was granted to Tersus Pharmaceuticals for their 30 + purified concentration of Palmitoleic Acid The current product available from Tersus, their branded purified Omega 7 fatty acid

LOCALIZED KNOWLEDGE SPILLOVERS: EVIDENCE FROM THE of patent technological categories, the method of concentration of citations to patents

List of United States patent law cases directed to critical proportions of oil to ore in a concentrating ore of a claim for a business method patent

Sep 15, 2014PTAB Decides Inter Partes Review of Patent wherein the fractional concentration of There is no method reduced to practice in this patent that

Mar 19, 1996Method of concentrating less volatile liquids In co pending patent present invention to provide a method for the concentration,

How Rapid Concentration of Dilute Pathogens from Larger and awarded patents apply to step in many sample preparation methods Concentration of

This invention relates to a method of concentrating aqueous ammonia More particularly, this method relates to enriching an aqueous ammonia solution by increasing its content of ammonia gas, without a

United States Patent METHOD FOR CONCENTRATING SLIMED MINERALS inventor: Samuel R Weir, Long Branch, NJ Assignee: Engelhard Minerals Chernlcab Corporation, Woodbridge, NJ

A method of concentrating N/sup 15/ in a liquid is described Gaseous nitric oxide and at least one liquid selected from the group consisting of the aqueous oxyacids and oxides of nitrogen, wherein the atomic ratio of oxygen to nitrogen is greater than unity, are brought into intimate contact to

A higher concentration of the colored solution Describe an alternate method for determining the molar DETERMINING THE CONCENTRATION OF A COPPER

An low concentration dope is fed through a nozzle into a concentrating apparatus, and flash evaporation of the low concentration dope is performed at an end of the nozzle

Sampling and Analytical Methods Methyl Mercaptan The methyl mercaptan concentration #181;g/sample is obtained from the calibration curve from Section 3 5 3

NREL's perovskite patent portfolio focuses on six technology areas, Patents consisting of novel methods for rapid, Concentrating Solar Power;

Method of phosphoric acid concentration Abstract The wet process phosphoric acid evaporation, its clarifying, fertilizer production and fertilizer efficiency is improved in the presence of multi component mixture of anionic surfactants and ammonium compound

The Lens serves almost all the patents and scholarly end product having a low concentration of organic halide The method includes a hydrogenation

USPTO patent application no 09904967 in the United States Patent and Trademark Office High Concentration Monoester Peroxy Dicarboxylic Acid And Methods

According to a second aspect of the present invention there is provided a method of measuring the concentration of a predetermined ion in an patent expiry for

Patent ductus arteriosus PDA is a heart problem that occurs soon after birth in some babies In PDA, abnormal blood flow occurs between two of

Patent Issued for Nephelometry Method and Apparatus for Determining the Concentration of Suspended Particles in an Array of Sample Containers By a News Reporter Staff News Editor at Computer Weekly

Method of concentrating processed vegetable and fruit products by reverse osmosis Number of patents in Portfolio can not be more than 2000

The primary term at issue, C max, indicates the maximum concentration of the API following dosing the patent claimed both a method and apparatus,

Automated Colorimetric Method for Nitrate Analysis; Automated Colorimetric Method for Nitrate The full scale concentration of the Systea method study was 10

Manual making of a parabolic solar collector trough solar collector are its concentration ratio and its optical The method described here is patent

What I claim and desire to protect by Letters Patent is: 1 The method of concentrating aqueous ammonia solutions which includes continuously introducing a

Method of desanding, desalting and concentrating organic wastes Number of patents in Portfolio can not be more than 2000 United States of America Patent

showing differences between the concentration of glucose in hemolyzed blood HKL method in hemolyzate, Comparison of Three Methods for Determination of Glucose

This invention relates to a method of concentrating aqueous ammonia More particularly, this method relates to enriching an aqueous ammonia solution by increasing its content of ammonia gas, without a

The desalination chambers D and the concentrating chambers 1 are provided between an United States Patent 6056878 Method and apparatus for preventing scaling in

Device for Detecting Methanol Concentration and the Method Thereof Patent Application Download as PDF File pdf, Text File txt or read online

the flotation method of concentrating and Graphite Beneficiation Plant India,Graphite Concentration Graphite beneficiation and Extraction Method Patent US5672327

List of Alfred Nobel's Patents Patent number 668 Method for the blasting of nitroglycerine Apparatus for the concentrating of acids 1884 Patent number 5383

MGX Minerals Announces Acquisition of 20 Patents for Zinc Air Fuel Discrete Particle Electrolyzer Cathode and Method of Controlled Concentration

Abstract: A method of concentrating grape juice to a predetermined final degree of concentration comprises the steps of evaporating one part of the water

Disclosed is an economic method for concentrating virus and detecting virus, such that virus in a sample solution having low virus concentration can be concentrated with high efficiency within a short time

The Lens serves almost all the patents and A method and apparatus for altering The method of claim 8 wherein said electron concentration reaches a

Justia Patents US Patent for Method and arrangement for measuring the concentration of gases Patent Patent # 4,003,707

The Pharmaceutical Industry and the Patent System Patent rights are limited in duration, further concentrating the burden of financing pharmaceutical innovation

38 Form 3542 for the '904 patent lists A method of providing a predetermined concentration of nitric oxide to a patient as the use code for claims 11 15

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